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You don't have to face death

 with fear, frustration,

 or feelings of failure.

Leann encourages personal participation in healthcare decisions — integrating holistic, alternative, and conventional medicine — in life as well as death.

Meaningful Support as an
End-of-Life Doula

Suddenly coming up against mortality can be scary for most people, because we live in a culture where death is feared and the process of dying is hidden from view. Leann Thrapp is skilled at helping people diagnosed with terminal illness and their families make the most of the time remaining to them.

Peri/Postnatal Loss Comfort and Support

Leann has over thirty years of service in end-of-life care supporting families facing perinatal death. She can  help navigate the end of life experience at the beginning of life, strengthening mothers and family members with a healthy acceptance of death and move towards emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Well-life balance for healthy individuals

We are committed to helping people reach beyond mere physical fitness to achieve higher levels of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. By balancing these elements and having a natural acceptance of death and dying, we can fulfill our potential for health and happiness.  When you live life well, you can end life better.

Transforming end-of-life care for people dealing with terminal illness

  • Transforming the image of death and dying

  • Embrace the end-of-life experience

  • Death as a part of life

  • The body knows how to die a natural death

  • We often don't allow natural death to happen — due, primarily, to our discomfort with the dying experience

  • Supporting personal preferences for choice at the end of life

  • Soul injury is a little-understood, but powerful presence in our lives

  • Modern medicine has institutionalized death — it is not naturally complicated

  • Death is inevitable — it is not a failure but a natural process

  • Death in our culture is burdened with over-treatment, over-medication, and too much testing

  • We under-communicate about end-of-life support care

  • Veterans have unique needs at the end-of-life and deserve specialized care

Contact Leann at 480.773.4224 or send her an email to schedule a consultation for you, your family, or your group.


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