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Expressions of Gratitude

Leann's life experience is enriched with every encounter with families facing end-of-life. She learns from each uplifting exchange and transformation she sees.

“Thank you for all you have done for mom, and for us too. We appreciate all your knowledge of and expertise in Dementia. We are very grateful for your visits to her and your concern for her. We were very devoted to her and it’s very hard for us to adjust to our lives without her. It’s been a total of 14 years of Dementia. We know she is in Heaven with my Dad and that gives us peace." 

With love, ANB

“Thank you for all you have done for us and for me. Your presence as a doula was very clear — not that any of us imagined the birth in that way. You were so generous with your time and skills. We both appreciate that about you. You come up in conversation and are always an integral part of the process of our saying goodbye to our little lima bean baby Seth. Thank you again and much love to you.”

— S&B (delivered at 14 weeks)

“You are witnessing and playing a part in some incredible things. It is interesting how you can be involved in what most see as such a sad time and make such a positive impact in people’s lives. There is no doubt people can learn from your approach.”

— TD

“How you have blessed me!  Your beautiful courageously vulnerable sharing and memorable experience your generosity offered are very much appreciated.  I appreciate the touch.  Yes, we are on the river of suffering and the boat that carries us is LOVE.  Thank you for incarnating that love!"


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